Updates - X10D

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Firmware Updates and Cartography Updates

You can download 2 versions of the firmware.
The best one is the .zip one as if any corruptions should take place during the data transfer, a warning message will be displayed during the unzipping process.

Downloading the .TUF file makes things faster but a small risk of data corruption can arise.
The .zip file must be expanded on the PC before using it

In any case, after you have the XXX.tuf file in your PC you have simply to copy it on an  SD card.

Than switch on the unit with the SD inside the slot. If everything is good the prompt, asking if you want to proceed, will appear.
When the end of transfer warning will appear switch it off
Take out the SD and switch it on
Then, from the plotter screen press MENU=>MENU=>SETUP  and choose "load  default settings"

Embedding  charts in the plotter is very easy: you just need an SD card (whenever possible maximum size 8 GB, full size card, not  a micro SD with adapter). Then simply copy the .tuf file of the cartography on the SD card. Then insert the SD card in the GPX unit and switch it on. It will appear a pop-up menu asking if you want to confirm the change or not. Going on UPDATE and pressing ENTER the procedure will start. When the END procedure message will appear, switch off the unit (press the power key down until the screen darkens), extract the SD card and re-power the unit.

Then, from the plotter screen press MENU => MENU and choose SETUP=> MAP SOURCE => BUILT IN

As a final step from the plotter screen press MENU and choose MAP CHOICE=>K-CHART 2.0

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